Prompt 3: Derek Stecklein


Physical sports are often known as manly sports in which women do not participate; However over the past years women have got involved in sports such as weightlifting,bodybuilding, and MMA.

After these women began to participate in such sports, the media has been asking questions about these women and their gender. A lot of these women are bigger, stronger, and faster than others and because they are makes these questions arise as to their gender. I believe women get stereotyped because in the past women did not participate in these sports and now that the sporting scene continues to grow these women are doing manly sports that women have never been apart of during that time. In class this past week we discussed two women who because of weightlifting they were getting scrutinized because of the way they look.

One woman discussed Holley Mangold. Holley is a 22-year-old weightlifter from the United States who was competing for a spot on the USA Olympic team this past summer. Weightlifting has been a male dominated sport until recently when more and more media coverage started to show the sport. Women have not been seen as strong individuals and certainly are not supposed to be stronger than males. Conan O’Brien made the comment about her weight and how she was forcefully capable of bringing home unwanted men (Williams, 2012). The media tore into this comment about how she looked out of context. The media continue to be the talk of gender controversies because they do not look like the traditional woman .In class we learned about what the ideal woman has been over the period of time. In pre-modern time the ideal image of a woman was a larger, cherubic women who were well feed and in the upper class. As time went by in changed into larger women becoming those of greed and lack of control. The thinner women are the better in accordance to today. Also female body builders are thought to be considered masculine and unattractive.

Women have been questioned in sports in which they excel beyond the women they are competing against. Caster Semenya is a female track star who was questioned because she was so much faster than everyone else in the field and Brittney Griner has also been questioned because of her athletic ability along with her size and even the way in which she talks.

Women will continued to be judged based off their athletic ability no matter which sport they play. Society has an image of women and it is not one of strength and dominance in any sport today.