Prompts for Week 14: Homophobia & Heterosexism

Please choose one of the following prompts. If you’d like to write on another topic, let me know and we can chat about it.

Prompt 1: We talked briefly about the link between homophobia and bullying. Please read this Fat Body Politics Blog and discuss how calling a female athlete a “dyke” works with regard to power, the heterosexual matrix, and ideology.

Prompt 2: Beginning next spring there will be a new, yet un-named women’s professional soccer league. Since the announcement many stakeholders and scholars have been debating how to properly market the league. Given our discussions this semester, what strategies would you promote? Which would you critique? And are there any other strategies which the league might consider?

Prompt 3: There seems to be a common assumption that men’s sport is more homophobic than women’s sport. In the past several weeks we have worked our way through “attractiveness,” muscles, femininity, race, and sex/gender/sexuality. We’ve seen how sports have change their rules and policies to be more “feminine” and how female athletes are expected to look and act in certain ways. Is men’s sport “more homophobic,” or does the homophobia/heterosexism just look different?

Prompt 4: We had a very good discussion about the ways we might combat homophobia and heterosexism in women’s sport. How might we actually put these things into practice?

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