Prompts, Week 13: Muscles, Atrractiveness, Heterosexuality

Please choose one of the following prompts. If you’d like to write about something else, let me know and we can work it out.

Prompt 1: Muscles seem to be a necessary part of sport in our culture. Yet, female athletes who have “big” muscles are often maligned in the media. Do a bit of research and find an athlete who found herself in the midst of controversy about her muscles. Provide a brief overview and analyze the comments surrounding the controversy using the heterosexual matrix.

Prompt 2: We’ve talked all semester about “attractiveness” and the idea that “sex sells.” Given the common assumption that women who are attractive and pretty will make more money in sports, generate 3 questions/arguments that expose “attractive” and “pretty” as mythical ideals.

Prompt 3: Why are sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, and MMA the center of many “gender controversies”? Are these sports the only sporting spaces where women’s gender/sexuality is questioned?

Prompt 4: Thinness  is the standard for feminine beauty in our culture. How does this affect the ways in which female athletes are expected to look? How does this affect their athletic performances? And how might it affect the way they experience their own bodies?



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